JavaScript Challenge 2

Use what you have seen and practiced in this section to create the following variables and perform the following calculations

Declare and assign values to the following variables (values to assign and variable data types are in brackets):

Now perform the follow operations using these variables, assign the results of these calculations to variables and then display these in document write statements to prove your code works:

  1. Create a variable full name to display the full name of Chris Armstrong (using concatenation)
  2. Use concatenation to display a sentence to Chris Armstrong's doctor to tell them about the result of his allergy test. Remember to include his full name and the name of the test and result (true of false)
  3. Use operators and variables to display IN FULL SENTENCES (a) the minutes in a day (b) the seconds in a week (c) the seconds in a year.
  4. Display the value of the variable numberFive in a sentence describing the number as the greatest ever, using a window alert
  5. Display in A FULL SENTENCE the answer to the question - what are Chris Armstrong's hobbies?